Crash Lands is the first episode of Crash & Bernstein.


For his birthday, Wyatt Bernstein is taken to a Build-A-Bestie store where he creates a boy puppet that he names Crash, who comes to life as the brother he always wanted. Crash and Wyatt must deal with three sisters of various ages at home. The two "brothers" devise a plan to help Wyatt get his own room, but the plan goes awry.


Wyatt is playing baseball with himself, when his mother and three sisters come in the room. They take Wyatt to the Build-A-Bestie store, where he gets angry, whishes he had a brother, and creates Crash. They bring the box home where Crash comes alive and accidently destroys everything. Wyatt loves Crash, while his mother hates him and wants to throw him away. Crash sees Jasmine's doll, Princess Glitter, and falls in love. Wyatt shows Crash his room, where Crash questions why is it half girly, and half boy. Crash goes to Wyatt's mother, who is busy chopping bushes. Crash tells Wyatt's mother, Mel, that she needs to give Wyatt a room. Mel tells Crash that she hates him. She tells Crash that she only lets him stay because Wyatt likes him. Mel tells Crash that Wyatt will only get a room when 16 year old Amanda moves out. An hour later, Crash tries to get Amanda out, but she dosent want to go. He tries everything to get her out. She throws him in a cage and locks him in there. Meanwhile, Wyatt is telling his best friend, Pesto, that he is as cool as Crash. Crash zooms in and gulps alot of milkshakes, which literally go right through him. Wyatt and Crash talk about Wyatt's own room. Later, Crash cuts down a wall, which falls through the other apartment. The teen who lives there, Toby, is surprised. Cleo comes in, then screams her mom's name. Wyatt is angry at Crash, and sends him away. Mel comes in and is also angry, then Wyatt tells her that Crash is leaving. Later, Wyatt is at the arcade. Him and Pesto are playing Bump-A-Squirrel, when Crash appears instead of a squirrel. Crash remembered that he's not suppose to be sent back. Meanwhile, Mel called Mr Pulos. Crash comes in, and Mr Pulos screams at him. Then, Mr Pulos hires him to knock down the Build-A-Bestie-Store. Crash sits on a wrecking ball and knocks into the wall. He wasn wearing a hard hat. The show ends with him fainting.





Tim Lagasse as Crash
Cole Jensen as Wyatt Bernstein
Oana Gregory as Amanda Bernstein
Landry Bender as Cleo Bernstein
Mckenna Grace as Jasmine Bernstein
Mary Birdsong as Mel Bernstein
Aaron Landon as Pesto
Paul McGinnis as Puppeteer 2